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The Power of Failure eBook

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The ebook The Power of Failure (all formats available) by Guy Harriman was written at the LannaYoga Healing Center, Chiang Mai, in the north of Thailand, during March of 2013.

The book is a set of thirteen chapters, each addressing a common spiritual issue. These issues are ones which we need to face and clear as we each follow our unique spiritual path, if we are not to get stuck in the pattern described. The first section of each chapter is a discussion of the topic, and the second part is a short story, illustrating the issue. Often the stories are humorous, as the characters tend to be larger than life, in the way that unusual characters in real life often are.

The style of the book was chosen to avoid an over-serious approach to spirituality which can be off-putting to many people. The stories are engaging and appeal to the inner child - all children love stories, and the inner child in adults love them too. Stories allow for a more lateral, outside the box way of looking at an issue. By engaging the reader's imagination, the stories shine light inside the ego structure, which is by its nature dark and fearful. The stories also allow for humor, which can neutralize an issue's emotional impact on us, even if it does not directly "fix" anything. As we change our perspective, there is an opportunity for us to lighten up and become more accepting, even about the most difficult issues. It was with this intention that the stories were written.

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Introduction to The Power of Failure by Guy Harriman

Taoist Meditation Music

I was very fortunate to be able to buy a Gu Qin in August 2013. The Gu Qin instrument is 5000 years old, and is thought to be the oldest instrument in the world. The Taoist Chi Gong masters play the flue and Gu Qin to help cultivate the chi as part of their chi gong practice. The photo shows the maker of my Gu Qin. He and his brother spend one year making each Gu Qin. Each Gu Qin has its own characterdepending on the wood used and the intention of the maker. They may be yang or yin. My Gu Qin is yang energy, is called Lian Zhu, and came from their workshop in Da Li, Yunnan province, China.

gu qin

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